>> International networking and cultural exchange form the foundations of the leavinghomefunktion project. During a predetermined period of 2 years we leave our comfort zones and the privacy of our studios behind in order to place ourselves in a constant state of public and attempt to integrate with the geographical regions and cultures found along our overland route. This is an important factor in terms of why we chose to go by Ural since this ensures slow and unpredictable movement which in return enables us to come in contact with people, cities and landscapes in a way which goes deeper into local routines rather than recreational voyeurism .

>> With our return to Europe we will be focusing on the reflective stage of our journey. Over the next year we will be involved with presentations, a book publication and a series of short film productions which attempt to stitch our transcontinental stories together.


>> An interesting point which has come up along our leavinghomefunktion project is the reception of documented material. The image of this project has become kaleidoscopic through the diversity of newspaper articles, magazines, enzines, radio shows, tv shows, social media platforms, fictive storytelling and subjective journalism. This image distortion of an idea turns out to become an important statement. While giving this kaleidoscope-image situation more exposure we hope to motivate people to let go of media oriented fear and to explore the world around them.


>> From our point of view, active reflection of first hand information becomes important in broadening our understanding and laying the foundations for the dissolution of borders. Our first step is the organization of live presentations which attempt to effectively communicate our project's ideas and to encourage people to both question and act upon their own boundaries. 




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